Scouting Camera

I recently purchased a Ltl Acorn Scouting Camera, Ltl-5210A.  It has a 5MP CMOS image sensor, it can capture still photos or video, day or night (with Passive Infra Red night vision).  I have it strapped to a tree in the garden at the moment and have so far captured photos and video of the expected rabbits, wood pigeons, pheasants, and a hedgehog or two.

I’m really excited about this, I’m just learning how to best set it up at the moment but there are lots of places I could put it and I’ve been thrilled with the results so far.

I intend to leave it for a week in video mode, it will be difficult not to go up for a sneak peek to see what it’s captured before the week is up!

Here are a few of the photos it captured last week. Ignore the date, it was not set then (but is now); time is almost correct in these photos.

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2 Responses to Scouting Camera

  1. James Mortimer says:

    You are the new Johnny Kingdom!

  2. jonathan says:

    I was in the garden today and couldn’t resist having a look at what the Acorn had captured. There were a few empty videos but one had a pair of eyes staring back at the camera, then they turned away and the fox they belonged to wandered off. I have uploaded this to the YouTube channel.

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