It’s been a while

Summer 2018 seemed to last forever, Autumn came and went, Winter has almost passed, and apart from a brief record-breaking warm spell at the end of February, things seem to be on track for Spring.

I have been meaning to post a few things since my last post but I am easily distracted and posting here is soon forgotten for other things, today I’ve finally managed to sit down and put fingers to keys.

After heavy rain this morning the sun is now shining, although there is still a keen wind blowing it’s not freezing at least.  Out in the garden I spotted my first newt of the season in the pond, having looked a few times in the past few weeks and seen nothing; there also appeared to be small creatures building themselves little coccoons, could these be pond nymphs or dragonfly larvae?  There was also a bullfinch in a tree nearby, a rare sight in the garden; coal tits and others were busy singing about their territory and other things.

Along the road where there is a ditch by the field border I noticed something plop into the water and promptly disappeared, this is the spot where I’ve seen a water vole before so can safely assume that’s what it was, good to think that it’s still there and surviving, perhaps I will catch a better glimpse of it in the coming weeks before the greenery hides the ditch from view.  Not far away from this spot was some frogspawn, perhaps a tad premature as the weather has turned cooler again since the warm spell in February (with the occasional frost).

Looking forward to an interesting spring and summer, full of wildlife and sunny days!

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