Eye of newt, toe of frog

In the past couple of weeks I’ve started to see frogs appearing in the garden, one was just by the house sitting behind a rock, another was in the pond; I’ve also seen a couple of newts in the pond since the temperatures moved above freezing, although since they have dropped again they’re not showing themselves (or I haven’t hung around long enough in the freezing wind to see them).  Minus temperatures and snow again this weekend, forecast is for warmer weather next week.

Also in the garden I’ve set up a hedgehog feeding station, same as I had previously although much further up the garden this time as I think being so close to the bird feeders attracts too much unwanted attention from cats and such.  So far nothing has approached the feeder station, a large fox was caught on camera trotting past in the background, plus the obligatory rabbit and occasional blackbird.  I might try scattering some hedgehog moist feed on the grass nearby.

Hopefully we will start to see hedgehogs coming into the garden soon, once the weather warms up (again) and stays that way.

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