A little visitor

Just a short report on what the trail camera saw at the hedgehog house.  I set it to 24 hours mode with video and photos, the photos were a little underwhelming (they usually are when it is in video and photo mode) but the videos showed some nice footage of blackbirds, robins, and thrushes rooting around in the soil and grass debris that I’d left around the place, but cutest of all was the little mouse that hopped right in front of the camera, as is shown in the short clip below.

Now that I know the camera will detect even a mouse during the summer months, I will set it to night time photo mode and see what it picks up this week.  At the moment it is set to high sensitivity (recommended for summer / warm conditions) and high night shutter speed, but with low LED power (because we are only seeing a close up subject and don’t need to cast light into the distance).

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