A welcome warm breeze

The past couple of weeks have seen some very mild and most welcome temperatures this February, a change from the freezing fog that seemed to plague much of December and January (it’s still foggy some mornings, it just isn’t freezing right now). ¬†Temperatures have been around 11-12 degrees, possibly higher in the sunshine.

The other day while out for an evening stroll I saw an adult toad sitting in the road, I tried to encourage it to be on the grass verge instead but it was having none of it and promptly hopped back onto the road, can’t help them all I suppose. ¬†Tonight I spotted two frogs in the pond joined at the hip, they clearly think it’s warm enough for that sort of thing, let’s hope it doesn’t turn too cold again otherwise there could be some disappointed frogs around.

Also spotted a small owl silently flapping over the house and into the garden tonight, illuminated from below by the street and house lights.

The camera trap is set up and active, we shall see if it captures anything interesting!

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