Winter already?

Looks like it could be a relatively short autumn this year, with the extended warm period lasting until the end of October things have gone cold quite quickly now that November has arrived. A few frosty nights has seen the adult hedgehogs disappear from the garden, hopefully they are tucked up somewhere already for the winter.

A couple of late juveniles are still visiting the feeding station, Jeremy and Stripe (named because of the pale stripe on their back as captured on the trap camera in IR).  Jeremy is the juvenile that I weighed at 510g recently, I’m confident they should be able to hibernate, Stripe could be 450g or so from the look of him.

The trap camera batteries ran out a few days ago so I’ve rushed an Amazon order to buy some more.  This set has lasted well – bought in July and the camera has been in use most nights since then, capturing about 20 60 second video clips per night for the past eight weeks or so.  I want to keep the camera out watching the juveniles until they stop coming, hopefully I will be able to catch them to weigh before they disappear (if they disappear).

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I managed to weigh the last remaining hedgehog that was still visiting the feeding station, it was a good weight and should survive hibernation OK. The trap camera didn’t spot any after late November/ early December, while it was still relatively mild.

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