Summer is finally here

After months of cold March-like temperatures the warm weather finally arrived with a bang, and a mini heat wave too.

All of a sudden there were dragonflies emerging from the pond, plants sprang up everywhere, and a hat was in order.

A fledgling pigeon decided that it liked hanging around humans, it would follow us around and wait for someone to appear with offerings of food, although it hasn’t been seen for a week or so now it was interesting while it lasted.

An adult hedgehog was sighted a few times in the garden, it seemed lively enough until one day it was spotted a bit closer to the house during the middle of the day, on closer inspection it seems something had taken a big chunk out of its face, not a pretty sight. The poor creature was seen once after that trying to eat the flies that were buzzing around the open wound but it was no use, the hedgehog was later discovered collapsed not far away, nought but a temporary home for flies now. But just as this tragedy had come to an end then a glimmer of hope appeared further up the garden, I grabbed my camera and was inspired to make a short film.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    There were in fact three young hedgehogs (seen at once, anyway). I will be keeping an eye out for any more.

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