More of the same

A week passed but nothing different was spotted.  It was a fairly dull and misty week so no surprise that not much was seen, there were the usual pheasants, wood pigeons, blackbirds, plus one black cat and a hedgehog.

I see the pheasants heading up and out of the garden from this vantage point, same for the hedgehog – they all seem to be heading up to the same corner of the garden so perhaps there is a common path there.

Hedgehog was spotted heading out at 11.33pm, pheasants at around 8am, 10am, 12pm, hanging around or possibly coming back down at around 2pm, last one spotted leaving at 5pm.

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  1. jonathan says:

    I have repositioned the camera looking into the thicket at the top of the garden, the place they all seemed to be heading for. I also disabled the side sensors as I don’t want to get too many false alarms from waving branches (the camera is mounted just on the edge of the thicket, twigs on either side), I hope the front sensor will be sufficient. May check it later on tomorrow to see if anything has been through.

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