Things are stirring in the pond

This winter has been dominated by heavy rain and flooding across the country, no sooner do the flood waters recede then another 24 hours of rain brings it back up again because the ground is still sodden; the same is true of our garden (although without the flooding), the ground seems to be in a permanent squelchy state in certain parts, the only time this hasn’t been the case is when the ground was frozen.

Anyway, on with the story… Today I ventured up through the squelch to the pond and was surprised to notice something suddenly disappear under the surface – something is alive in there! Most likely a frog, I waited to see if it would reappear or if I could see any others but alas no, however I did see some pond weed move elsewhere in the pond.

I will try to remember to check for newts tonight by torch light.

In other news there are plenty of birds singing in the garden, I spotted a bullfinch a few weeks ago and the goldfinches are fighting over the niger seed feeders.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    I checked by torch light last night after dusk, there were indeed smooth newts and frogs getting busy in the pond. I saw smooth newts with some fantastic crests and spots, and yellow smooth-backed ones too. The frogs were already starting to make frogspawn. I counted around ten smooth newts, no doubt many more were hiding under the pond weed. No sign of the great crested newts though, they are elusive.

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